Debris Removal

You can rely on us for top-notch debris removal services for private property and construction sites. Bill Mclellan opened Mclellan Excavation and Landscaping business 2003 after many years of working in demolition, grading, and hauling. We offer you flat rate debris removal with no hidden fees or charges. Contact us today for more information about our debris removal services.

Leaf Removal

Most garbage companies won’t pick up yard waste because landfills won’t take it, nor should they. Organic waste shouldn’t be dumped into landfills because it can easily be recycled and used as fertilizer.

When you need leaf removal, or any other kind of yard waste removal, call 404-520-0710.

Simply schedule your leaf removal appointment or email or by calling 404-520-0710. We’ll haul your leaves or yard waste away from wherever they’re located and finish by cleaning up the area.