Yard Grading and Sod Installation

Cost: $2,300.
I was highly impressed with the customer service from start to finish. Mr. McLellan was very professional.  He explained what  needed to be done & why.  He answered all my questions & treated me with dignity and respect.  Being a female, it’s hard to find male contractors of any kind that don’t treat you like a complete idiot & tell you things that aren’t true just to get more money.  Mr. McLellan knew exactly what he was talking about & never tried to talk me into more than I needed. He actually found ways to help me save money & still give me what I wanted.  He listened to my concerns & provided me with what I actually wanted.  Due to the snow and rain the project was delayed many times. However, Mr. & Mrs. McLellan stayed in constant contact with me via phone calls and emails to keep me updated on what was happening. They showed great appreciation for my patience and did everything humanly possible to get this project done as soon as the weather permitted it. The project was to start at 8:00 AM but Mr. McLellan arrived prior to that & the project started.  All his employees were extremely professional, kind, courteous & friendly. Even though it was hot & the work was hard, every time I looked out the window every one was smiling & helping each other out. They treated EACH OTHER with dignity and respect which also impressed me. They never took anything for granted & asked me several times “is this what you wanted? Is this o.k?  Where would you liked this?” They cleaned up all the excess dirt & debris before leaving. They had to dig up some bushes in order to do some of the work but told me they would replant them when finished. I decided I liked the area better without them but they still double-checked with me & explained they didn’t mind replanting them if that’s what I wanted. These people should hold a seminar for other contractors & show them how to treat their clients.  I’m not easily impressed but this company and their employees are EXCELLENT!  The work was done in about 5 hours. I never saw anyone take a break even though they definitely deserved one. They just kept smiling and working until the job was done. Everyone out there knew exactly how to do their job.  They worked in tandem & harmony the entire time. They left me with a lawn that I have been dreaming about.
Ms. Kennedy
Hapeville, 30354

Installing a retention wall and drainage system around my pool.

Cost: $3,750
Mr. McLellan and his crew did a fantastic job.  My backyard slopes toward my house and pool and much of the rainwater from the house behind me runs directly into my yard.  We had some severe water and drainage issues for the last several years and he knew exactly what needed to be done.  He was very knowledgeable and professional.  I would definitely recommend him.
Marietta, 30062

Ten truck loads of dirt. Temporally filled in a creek bridge. Reshaped the lay of the yard to allow water to flow naturally to a nearby creek.

Our lower back yard would always flood and retain water for 4 or more days after a rain. When we sold our house we had many interested buyers but the standing water discouraged them because it was not an easy fix. Mr. Mclellan looked it over and said they could fix the water problem for $5700.00 while the rain was relentlessly falling. They temporally repaired a washed out creek bridge and they trucked in dirt . Then they reshaped our yard with some large skid steer tractors and our yard no longer retained water .  We planted grass seed. We had a contract about the day after they were done and sold our house in less than a month.

Thank you so very much.
Hollywood, MD 20636

Excavating Landscaping
Cost $11,500

A sinkhole in our front yard was cleaned of debris and filled. Plus a 40 foot block wall was erected – french drain placed inside of yard – front and side yard re-sodded. The sinkhole was excavated and filled, and the wall erected beautifully – french drain and pipes installed, yard raked, sod laid expertly.

Marietta, GA 30066

Sinkhole Repair

When we discovered a sinkhole on our property Bill came out that same day to assess the problem. We got a quote the next day and they started work immediately after we received our estimate.

Diana And Kevin

Excavating Landscaping Lawn & Yard Work

We had a sinkhole in the back yard that had been filled once and sank again. They had to dig down approximately 15 to 17 feet to remove all of the tree stumps in the hole. the builders debris had disintegrated leaving the large stumps. My backyard is 72 feet wide by 50 feet deep. The entire back yard had to be dug up to reach the stumps and to hold the dirt taken from the hole. they brought in about 30 yards of dirt to fill the hole. they installed new zoysia sod in the backyard and at the side of the house where they brought they equipment and materials in. It was more involved than I thought it would be. From the contractors previous experiences with sink holes he felt that the debris may be fairly deep. They did a great job. They arrived early and stayed late. The entire job took about a week to finish with them working every day. They did a good job with the final cleanup and replacement of a section of fence and gate.